Editors’ picks #35

After a short break, we’re back with some of the most magnificent panoramic photos uploaded recently to 360Cities. And be sure there’s a lot to enjoy!


Maria-Theresien-Platz by Pietro Faccioli

This week we start in Austria’s capital, Vienna, at one of its largest squares. A monument of the empress Maria Theresia looms majestically in its centers, making it a true dominant. Worth a visit on your trip to Vienna!


Karst pastoral landscapes by ho ring

Nature can create amazing shapes, amazing places and this is certainly one of them. This aerial shot simply has it all – houses, ricefields, a river and some wonderful mountains all around. Amazing stuff here!


Peace Bridge By Night by Flaviopsv

Amazing structures can be also found in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi – like this footbridge, an architectural gem that shines through the night. Who wouldn’t like to take a stroll over it on a nice summer night?


The launch pad exhaust hole by Andrew Bodrov

Wow, Andrew Bodrov does it again! This time he takes us right inside of the Soyuz-FG rocket launchpad, which actually is a place that you don’t get to visit every day. Just have a look up, which will give you exactly the idea how huge this thing really is.


Old bus – Atacama Desert by Marcio Cabral

How about this beauty! Believe it or not, this is not staged, but it looks unreal anyway. An old bus, all rusty, stuck in the middle of Atacama desert and a beautiful Milky Ways shining from the sky. Wow!


More panoramic photos below, keep scrolling!


Hagia Sophia by Yavuz Sevimli


Kevin Anderson’s Mural in a Tunnel by Norm Olson


Cueva de las niñas reservoir by Mario Salvador


Hypostyle Hall of Ptolemy XII by Mohamed Attef


The Prado Museum by Luis Davilla

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