Scenes Draped In Fog

We invite you to take a journey to a number of unforgettable scenes draped in fog. Our fearless contributors have captured some eerie nature landscapes that are exceptionally interesting if you view with your VR headset.


Riksbron in fog, Sweden, by Jann Lipka


Foggy morning in fall, Germany, by Jürgen Schrader


Top of Mashuk, Russia, by Pavel Bogdanov


Nebel Sonnenaufgang Friedenslinde Bronnweiler, Germany, by Dieter Kik


Lovepath on the island Sanna, Træna, Norway, by Dag Andersen


Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Russia, by Vasily Osipov


Danjo Garan Temple. Japan, by Luis Davilla


Winterfog, Germany, by Jürgen Schrader

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