Paddy Fields: Wet-Rice Cultivation

Rice is a favorite at 360Cities. But where does rice come from? In this week’s tour, you can visit luscious rice paddy fields and terraces and experience semiaquatic rice cultivation. Enjoy over a bowl of rice while wearing your VR headset but be careful 😉



Rice field just before rain, Indonesia, by Andrey Ilyin


Paddy Fields Sulawesi, Indonesia, by Martin Broomfield


Promenade among Jatiluwih’s beautiful terraced rice fields, Indonesia, by Gregory Panayotou


Terrace fields in Yuanyang, China, by Yunzen Liu


Rice paddy and Mt.Fuji, Japan, by Kiyoharu Takamura


Thai Rice Field, Thailand, by Eric Walker


Rice Paddy, India, by Ben Smart


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