360Cities launches distribution partnership with PantherMedia

Today we’re very pleased to announce that almost 300,000 images from 360Cities are being served via our API to PantherMedia, where they are available for licensing. Note that our collection has its own section on PantherMedia’s website:



Panther Media is Germany’s leading stock photo agency. Their major customers are large corporations, advertising agencies, graphic designers, publishers, public authorities and government agencies.

Germany is one of the largest markets for stock photography and videos and our partnership with PantherMedia is an important step for 360Cities in penetrating this lucrative market.

By publishing all your 360 image and video content with 360Cities you increase your chances of earning licensing royalties because those images and videos are also shared with our distribution partner companies who may then also license them to their own customers.

Thank you for being part of our efforts to build a global network of distribution partners. As you know, we share all sales from distribution partners with you 50/50 when your images are licensed by a partner’s customers.

The 360Cities Team

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