Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Answers (part one)

The Gigapixel Treasure Hunt is now finished. For those of you who missed it, we released the world’s largest 360 panorama and gave 30 clues which people had to find, and send to us. The first person to send us the highest number of correct answers wins $1000.

Here are all the clues again, in case you want to play, just for fun:

1. blue hair
2. a heated floor under construction
3. somebody in their underwear
4. south end of the suicide bridge
5. lone pitbull
6. a bagel (or maybe it’s a donut)
7. exterior nudity
8. number 11 and 12, next to each other
9. a bus from a town between the rivers Krka and Kolpa
10. Sgraffito
11. “Pat & Mat” at work, up there
12. A driving range
13. A water tower being beautified
14. A “gentleman’s nightclub”
15. A clock that’s wrong
16. A sphere (no, NOT the spherical image itself)
17. A chairlift
18. A bulls-eye and cross-hairs
19. A female pink face on a window
20. A square and a triangle next to each other (in a field)
21. Where you go when you need fish food
22. Hippy czech flag
23. Helicopter
24 Where you can have a beer with Stelcer
25. A raven (or a type of crow anyway)
26. Pizza = mc squared
27 W‪here God can read the time from his chair in heaven‬
28. Vineyard
29. This building
30. This place

If you want to give it a try, click on the image below. If you want to see the answers, keep scrolling down!

prague 18 gigapixels - zoomed out

Before we announce the winner, we’ll show you all the answers. Today we’ll show you the first ten answers. These were the easiest. Nearly everyone who sent in answers got these.

1. Blue hair

This was one of the first things I saw in the image when I zoomed in and looked around. It’s pretty hard to miss.

2. A heated floor under construction
The only reason I knew what a heated floor under construction looks like is because a friend of mine was renovating the flat he bought, and he shot a nice panorama of his own heated floor under construction. A heated floor is made from a kind of hose that snakes around the whole floor.

3. Somebody in their underwear

4. South end of the suicide bridge

The official name of the suicide bridge is Nuselský most. For obvious reasons.

5. Lone pitbull

This, for the record, is NOT a pitbull. More than one person sent in this clue. Shame on you 😉

Here is a lone pitbull. You can see the swagger and the rippling psychotic pitbull mind in a frenzy. Well, on second thought, I could imagine that maybe it’s not a pitbull. But it’s a lot more of a pitbull than the one above.

6. A bagel (or maybe it’s a donut)
Upon further examination, I’m pretty sure it’s a donut:

7. Exterior nudity
It turns out that there were no fully naked people on display in this photo. There were however quite a few nude statues, relief sculptures, and painted facades. Here is one example:

8. Number 11 and 12, next to each other
Here they are, enjoy a game of football.

9. A bus from a town between the rivers Krka and Kolpa
While this might sound tricky, Google is your friend! Meanwhile, there is one bus that’s quite close to the TV Tower…

10. Sgraffito
Sgraffito is a design scratched into a facade. There is a lot of sgraffito in Prague. Here is one example:

That’s all for today. We’ll post the second set of answers tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “Gigapixel Treasure Hunt – Answers (part one)

  1. I never found the bagel (or that dog) but there was also at least one clock with the numbers 11 & 12 next to each other (not including all those ones with Roman numerals)


  2. Yes, I had a different #3 (I had the girl sitting in the window in her bathrobe….not quite in her underwear, I guess)…and I also had a clock for the 11/12 one…and different nude facade sculptures…

    I got the donut/bagel – but I think it’s too big to be either. Some kind of SuperSizeMe donute, perhaps!


  3. at number 3 i got both, the one jeffrey mentioning above and the same girl sitting on the windows but i though that the one sitting on the window is more correct and clear.
    i wanted to send both but it was against the rules :))
    Please jeffrey consider the 2 clues for number 3 :)))))))


  4. First of all I would like to thank you for creating this joyful activity. Actually I did not post that donut thing because I thought it was an ashtray obviously. Also ‘Somebody in ”their” underwear’ ?? The statement has some complication because of that plurality so that’s why the lady sitting in the window seemed to be more correct to me because she is sitting on a messy pile of stuff possibly may belong to more than one person..


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