360Cities Distribution Partnership Update

As we recently announced, we’re building a global network of distribution partners and we’ll be sharing the proceeds with you 50/50. 360Cities continues to be the best way for you to monetize your 360° stock images and videos without having to grant exclusivity or do anything more than publish your awesome images and videos with us.*

Building relationships with established photo and video licensing agencies is key to penetrating the global market for 360° photos and videos and we’ll soon announce partnerships with agencies based in Europe, Asia, and South America to augment our existing Getty Images distribution partnership.

While the majority of our distribution partners will come from the traditional stock photography sector, we are also working with niche agencies in interesting sectors like education and VR.

Speaking of VR, we’re pleased to confirm that our distribution partnership with Blend Media, which we announced in May, is now live. Their 360 Stories tool promotes the use of 360° content in creative campaigns and offers a new opportunity to monetize your 360Cities imagery. Please note that only images without user generated graphics or watermarks will be available for this partnership.

In order to enjoy the benefits of 360Cities’ and our distribution partners’ licensing activities, please ensure you have your images set appropriately in the licensing tab of your account page settings.



We remain honored to represent you and your work on 360Cities and with our distribution partners.

The 360Cities Team

*Including, of course, accurate and descriptive English language metadata.

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